The innovatively named ‘Big Blue Box’

Last year on the Sørsdal Glacier Tom and Sue collected some ground penetrating radar (GPR) data close to one of the lakes of interest. The results showed some very interesting features, suggesting that we have some sort of englacial channels draining water from the lakes. It can difficult to collect GPR data over large areas especially on a fast flowing outlet glacier with a tendency to crevassing. The solution…. use a helicopter! To attach anything directly to the helicopter is a long and complicated process and as time was short it was decided to sling the radar beneath in a big blue box.

Why is never sunny when you have to sit outside the work shop and optimise radar acquisition settings?
Bernd making a final check of the settings and GPS
The box generates quite a bit of interest.
Chris prepares himself for the inaugural flight of the Big Blue Box
There she (or he) goes
Complete with tail fin
Tom and Wayde bring her safely back to earth.


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