Bluebird flies again

After the success of the inaugural flight of the Big Blue Box (Bernd is not impressed with the default name so I’m trying one of the socially acceptable options that were thrown around) we were obviously keen to collect a full grid of data covering all three lakes. We simply provided Chris with the coordinates for the start and end of each line and a disk-space time limit of 2 hours. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have walked the grid more accurately (certainly not before it got dark!).

Proposed radar lines
The amazing skill of Chris Angel!











The results far exceeded our expectations with some initial results clearly showing englacial drainage structures down stream of both Twin and Channel lakes. The surface undulations are largely due to changes in aircraft height above the ice surface, rather than surface topography. Trace spacing changes along the profile as a function of aircraft speed, but on average one trace was recorded every ~ 0.66 m.

Helicopter-borne 100 MHz radargram crossing downstream of Channel Lake and the Twin lakes, the line is the fifth from the bottom of the map.


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