Reftek seismometers

Our first main field objective was to deploy 8 Reftek seismometers onto the ice in the vicinity of Twin and Channel Lakes. These seismometers are small geophones that we attached onto to paving slabs and secured just below the surface to avoid wind noise. For most sites we dug through the remaining snow cover and then installed the slab on a levelled area of glacier ice before reburying in snow. By January the snow cover is variable and we did have to hacking into the ice to bury some of the geophones. Again, this was an unusual but very welcome experience, as everyone regardless of their role pitched in and did whatever needed doing without any prompting at all. There was more than one surreal instance when I looked around and thought ‘there isn’t anything for me to do right now!’.

Putting together the solar panel and unpacking the equipment.
Setting up the first site. Photo credit: Hayden Anderson
Digging into the ice to locate the seismometer.
and then fill it all in again.
Final tidying up.
and site one is done!
Happy team
Flying off to the next!

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