and now we need it back…

We were very happy with the number of sites we managed to put out on the ice at the beginning of the season but as time is running short and the weather is turning towards winter there is added pressure to get all the equipment back again before we leave. Most of the instruments on the ice belong to the awesome people at SEIS-UK and are needed for another Antarctic project later in the year! The same stresses apply for everyone at this time of year though. It’s a race to get everything done and packed away before the weather changes and the ship turns up. It is a credit to the operations and logistics (and maybe the weather gods) that we were finally able to get out and bring the equipment back, with a big sigh of relief. Amazingly the only casualties were were two cables, that became four cables…

Oh look there it is
How many tools does it take to extract a seismometer?
and another
and another
Swimming seismometer
Not the t-shirt weather of a few weeks earlier

Not all of our equipment was coming back with us though, part way through the season we applied for an extension to leave some of it out on the ice over winter. This included Horseshoe Lake tower with the camera and some of the instruments, the three broadband seismometers and the self-potential electrodes. We hope that this will give us data as the drainage system starts to the shut down over winter and startups again in Spring. Each of these sites still needed visiting to make sure they are secure for winter and that we maximise the amount of data collected.

Self-potential logger hibernation season
Broadband seismometers ready for winter
Ian and Marty use their considerable strength to secure Horseshoe lake Tower against the winter winds.
Packed up and ready to go

There were a few exceptions as always, a few sites that had been put in the season before we hadn’t visited so we needed a low light recce before we could secure the sites and remove the instruments. Unfortunately our luck ran out and the weather decided it had given us enough chances. Guess you can’t have it all, just another reason to come back next season!

A lonely GPS site….until next time

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