Just cruising

After two weeks of lectures, seminars and workshops based out of UNIS we are all pretty excited to get out into the field and put it all into practice. Home for the next week is Stålbas, a hotel ship that began life as a sealing vessel in the 1950s. It’s an amazing resource to have, we eat and sleep in the comfort and safety of the ship and it allows us to travel to some remote and otherwise inaccessible places. This years cruise plan included Ekmanfjorden to work at Sefströmbreen and Coraholmen, then out around Prins Karls Forland to Comfortlessbreen before returning to Isfjorden via Gronfjorden and Aldegondabreen. It is always an ambitious undertaking as glacial sites are dynamic and can change significantly from year to year. We transfer from ship to shore each day via a small zodiac but landing sites, glacier access points and safe working areas change with every visit and must be assessed each morning. We were particularly excited this trip as Comfortlessbreen was a new field location for all of us. 

Essencial fieldwork preparation
Home for the week
Using GPR on the ice at Sefstrombreen
Some got a bit muddier than others…
Coraholmen in the glorious sunshine
Meltwater streams to navigate on Comfortlessbreen
No trip is complete without a bit of polar bear excitement
One final boat ride back to the ship


Discovering ships have spacehoppers


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