I only had 3 days in Hobart before the ship left and what a whirl of jet lag, appointments and training it was! I’m pretty excited to live in Hobart, it seems like a great place to be based but for now the focus has to shift yet further south. This part of the journey takes considerably longer than the 28 hours it took to get to Hobart and just to further confuse my time zone addled brain there is another 4 hour time change.  I’d been thinking I’d be glad to get on the ship and sleep for a week. Of course after the first day I was pacing the corridors again looking for things to do, some things never change. I wish I’d practiced darts more over the summer!

I’ve never been sea sick but I’m always a bit nervous, there is a first time for everything, especially in the Southern Ocean. Once again it was smooth sailing and instead of feeling even the slightest bit nauseous I found myself reaching for the biscuit jars earlier and earlier each day.  It is a bit different travelling down for the start of the season by ship than coming back on it at the end. There are some basic training sessions to attend and lots of new people to meet and most challenging for me, new names to remember. I’m working on my own this year so it was also very nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd.

It’s been so calm on the ship that we are actually well ahead of schedule, even once we reached the fast ice and began ice breaking, it’s still been pretty quick. It’s definitely a little less peaceful though, especially at night with the ship crashing backwards and forwards breaking through the ice. We got a first glance of Davis Station today and all the important people were flown off in the helicopters. We’re breaking ice for another night and then hopefully tomorrow should have covered enough ground (or ice) to get to the station.

A slightly rougher day on the bridge of the AA
An engine room tour, so cool!!
Confused penguins in the track of the Aurora Australis
Have we stopped again?
The peace and tranquility of ice breaking.
First glimpse of Davis Station.
The slow business of ice breaking!
Waiting to fly the first people off the ship to station.

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