That old familiar feeling

It’s strange to get back to Davis Station. I’m not sure I thought I would make it back here and now I am, it feels a bit like I never left. The same people we left here at the end of Febuary are of course still are here, I’m back in the same building in the room opposite to last years and all of our equipment is in SPAZ where I left it. It makes a big difference to have been before and know what to expect and it’s very easy to slip back into the same routines.

Last year I flew into Davis, managing to get from Hobart to station in a day! It was a bit of a culture shock but we soon got into the swing of things and were up and running pretty quickly. This year it’s a bit different and not just because of the two weeks on the ship. The ships arrival kicks off the station resupply. All of the water, fuel, food and equipment and of course people needed for the upcoming year have to be unloaded, transferred and unpacked. This generally takes a week or two, some people have specific roles in this and other help out wherever they can. There are lots of jobs, mine included filling the water tanks on the ship at 4 am, washing containers to be returned to Australia and peeling enough onions, potatoes and carrots to feed the masses. I didn’t know you could get RSI from peeling potatoes but it turns out you can!

After 13 days on the ship, it’s finally in position, the bridge is down and we can get off!
The Aurora Australis looking much prettier from a distance!
4 am water tank filling
It’s not quite 24 hour daylight yet but the sun isn’t down for long.
Station resupply in full swing.
The sun can be lethal here, it’s important to take sun protection seriously.

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