hurry up and wait…

Once the station has been resupplied and everyone starts to settle into their roles here the business of training and inductions start. In general it is a pretty slick operation but there are lots of projects that all needing training and resources and everything has to happen in the correct order. As projects go mine is fairly resource heavy, each time I go out I need a helicopter for the whole day (and obviously a pilot is useful too), two field training officers and of course blue sky days! Sometimes getting it all at the same time is a bit challenging. It’s now a month since we left Hobart and over two weeks since we got to station. I’m all ready, I’ve got all the equipment boxes, the steam drill and even the tools I need to dismantle the solar panels all lined up…. and now we wait.

One thing I didn’t manage last year was a walk out to the local penguin colony on Gardner Island. It’s only a kilometre or so off shore and you can walk across the sea ice to get there. Last year the sea ice closed not long after we arrived in early December. People are always pretty excited to go and see the penguins, this year being no exception, everyone was very keen to get out there while they could. Last season I did my survival training and so could be a restricted trip leader and take a group of people out to the Island. Penguins are pretty cute but never cease to baffle and confuse me with their illogical behaviour!

Penguin tracks
Another day in paradise
Nice little lie down…..
and now he’s all dirty.
Learning to fly….
Lord and master?
These crazy penguins are everywhere.
Who’s watching who?
Ice sculptures
The delicate art of stone stealing
Penguins are cute but the bergs are spectacular!

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