With a little help from my friends

As much as I understand all the reasons for my lack of glacier time so far, I’m the first to admit I’ve got a short attention span and find it hard to sit still at the best of times! So cabin fever quickly sets in and there really are only so many vegetables you can peal. I’ve even taken to going to gym and anyone who knows me will know how rare that really is. That was short-lived after managing to pull a muscle in my neck on a treadmill, don’t ask. Thankfully salvation came in the form of Derryn and the sea ice project he’s looking after. Just getting out onto the sea ice in front of the station feels like a different world, even if you’re not the most essential member of the team. Derryn needed to retrieve some temperature thermistors from the sea ice and had previously designed an ingenious contraption to melt down the cable. Unfortunately we found the weight on the bottom had managed to freeze onto the underside of the ice. We had an impressive array of drills for the task and got lucky and snagging the first one straight away. The others we found the others a bit more challenging and had to drill bigger and bigger holes to locate the weights.

Derryn and the amazing thermistor extractor
Everyone loves the steam drill, an excellent demonstration from Graham
How’s the serenity?
Just cruising..
Up close and personal, penguins and ice
Essential member of the team!

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