All good things must come to an end

My main project this season is based out of Casey Station not Davis and all of the equipment is being taken down on Voyage 2 on the Aurora Australis. The plan was to fly across to Casey by Basler (DC-3) before Christmas and meet the equipment there. I did put it off as long as I could but finally the day arrived. I wasn’t the only one leaving, another 9 people were heading off to Casey to meet the ship and travel back to Hobart. Due to bad weather delaying flights there were two planes leaving from Davis but all of the others were on one plane and I had one to myself. My own private jet… I was telling myself I was just that special and hopefully in a good way!

If I’m honest I was more than a bit reluctant to leave Davis station and all of the people there. At the risk of repeating myself, it is always the people that make it. Some are old friends and others I just met travelling down on the ship this year. You get to know people and their life stories far more quickly than you would in many other situations and often become good friends. Then just when you get all settled in and are set up and working well you have to leave and start again somewhere new!

The sea ice runway had closed a little earlier in the season so I got one last helicopter trip up to Woop Woop, the runway up on the ice sheet. Thankfully when we finally landed at Casey, the door opened and the first face I saw was a familiar one! Antarctica might be a big continent but it really is a small world.

The best airport taxi service
Who said there are no trees in Antarctica? Christmas gets everywhere
and then there was one
Leaving on my own private jet plane
Grey skies over Casey


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