Welcome to Casey

Casey is found in Vincennes Bay, a little further north that Davis, just outside the Antarctic circle. It’s a similar size and set up to Davis which was definitely a bit confusing to start with, everything is familiar but different. Usually there is a lot more coming and going through Casey, it has a small continental ice runway close to station but it is only 65 km from the intercontinental Wilkins ice runway. This year was a bit different, after the first flights of the season the runway was closed for maintenance until we flew out at the end of the season. I arrived only a few days after the Aurora Australis and so straight into another resupply. This time it was my taxi driving skills that were put to the test, definitely warmer than container washing at Davis!

Casey Station
Meeting up with the Aurora Australis for the second time this season
Casey resupply #basket
Most southerly taxi service? Lookout penguin crossing
Great view from the road

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