Penguin Sacrifice

The opportunity to work in Antarctica is an amazing and one that I never take for granted but of course there is a flip side. Here at Casey this season for me it was the weather, or more acutely the waiting. I know, it’s Antarctica but I think I’d been lulled into a false sense of security at Davis, also known as the Riviera of Antarctica. At Casey our field sites were further away and the weather is generally a much more fickle thing. Everyone involved works so had to maximise our opportunities with many weather checks and briefings but for a while it seemed more often than not we were out of luck. Some people drink endless cups of coffee, others sleep all day, I literally became addicted to the gym. Not something I ever thought I would say but without it I couldn’t sleep at night. I obviously wasn’t keeping my hyperactivity to myself as well as I thought as it was suggested one grey snowy day that a sacrifice to the weather gods was obviously needed. Apparently goats are at the usual thing but there seem to be a lack of those down here so….

I call this colour ‘Casey grey’.
There’s one on it’s own.
Volunteering your mate?
Scoping out potential candidates.
Dark and stormy.

Disclaimer – No penguins were sacrificed or interfered with in any way in the completion of this seasons work, just in case you were wondering.

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