Leaving on a jet plane

One of the advantage of working at Casey is the close proximity to Wilkins ice runway. Instead of the 2 weeks it took to get to Antarctica at the beginning of the season the journey home takes less than 24 hours. However, one day you’re collecting radar data over the Vanderford Glacier and the next you find yourself a bit bewildered in the metropolis of Hobart!

We managed to squeeze in one final day in the field before it was back to Casey to pack up, put Willy to bed and be ready to leave the following morning. After months living at Davis and Casey it’s a bit surreal to board the bus to the airport and it’s a strange feeling to watch the Airbus A319 land on the ice and go through the usual cabin safety brief. A quick nap and you’re landing at Hobart Airport feeling a bit overwhelmed by the humidity and smell not to mention all the cars and people. 

This time it’s a bit different for me I’m staying in Hobart for at least the next 12 months. Rather than a quick catch up and another few plane rides I’m off house hunting and getting ready to start a new job at IMAS. Might be time for a bit of relaxation first though!

A final crevassesaurus hunt with Willy at the Vanderford Glacier.
Putting Willy to bed for the year.
Airport bus Antarctic style.


Hanging around in the lounge waiting to board.
Back to Hobart in just 4 hours.
Best way to reacclimatise is to get out of the city and enjoy the serenity!

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