Svalbard to Kathmandu

We left rather chilly Svalbard on the cusp of winter and 45 hours later staggered out into the chaos of Kathmandu and 28° C. It had taken so long for all of our bags to come through that the people who were suppose to be picking us up had gone, after numerous phone call and endless offers from rickshaws to minibuses we gave in and headed off into the city in a taxi.

Nepal Start to week 2 020
Hoping the taxi driver doesn’t break too hard.

The hotel we thought had been booked for us by the people picking us up at the airport hadn’t been, but almost immediately we were hustled with all of our luggage to another just found the corner. It was a little more up market than my usual Kathmandu accommodation but after lugging 220 kg half way around the world we decided sleep was in order and we wouldn’t worry about it (until we had to pay the bill).

Nepal Start to week 2 036
Enjoying the rooftop terrace
Nepal Start to week 2 033
View from above

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