Khumjung and Cyclone Hudhud

After our acclimatisation day in Namche it is another very short hike of less than 3 km to our next stop in Khumjung (3780 m). The short distance is again to aid our acclimatisation, if we continued further today we would quickly loose elevation, and have a much larger climb the following day. Khumjung feels a bit less touristy and more spread out than Namche, to me it feels more like a village community. The area around the settlement is good to explore, a colourful mix of vegetation and for a small donation you can always go and view the yeti scalp on display in the monastery. Khumjung is also home to the Khumjung Hillary School, the only high school in the region.

As we explored the valley the clouds rolled in, looking much thicker and greyer than the usual afternoon cloud. As we settled down to eat dinner in the lodge it began to rain and then the thunder and lighten started. Next morning it was still raining hard and felt much cooler, there is a lot of fresh snow higher up. We decided to stay another day in Khumjung rather than head out into the storm. The Everest Bakery in Khumjung is a definite favourite and we spent quite a few hours sheltering from the rain in there. It wasn’t until we emerged to find the local internet cafe that we realised the storm was the tail end of Cyclone Hudhud.

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