South for the summer

Our journey began, as all to the southern hemisphere do, with a rather long plane journey. We arrived in Hobart, Tasmania on Monday somewhat disheveled but very excited. Hobart is a really cool city and I’ve spent the last few days frequently muttering ‘I could live here’!

There have been a number of last minute planning meetings and endless packing and re-packing of our bags to get to the ever elusive 30 kg weigh allowance. In addition to everything we brought with us we have been ‘kitted out’ with everything we need for an Antarctic summer, including a very cosy new hat!

The next stage of our journey beings at 3am tomorrow, we fly from Hobart to Wilkins Aerodrome near Casey Station. The flight takes around 4.5 hours and covers a distance of 3443 km. From there the plan is to take a BT-67 Basler to Davis station, this part of the journey takes around 5 hours. We were told this afternoon that the weather close to Davis station means it will be unlikely that we continue to Davis tomorrow and we may then make journey from the Aerodrome to Casey Station to wait for better weather.

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  1. Sarah, your adventures are a delight for my 11-yr old grandson,Max ( I think you met him at Lake Melissa). He is enthralled with geography, and follows Jordan’s adventures and now yours!! Best wishes for a happy, fruitful summer!

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