Davis Station

The station is really pretty amazing, and very well equipped, if you don’t look out the window it’s easy to forget you’re in Antarctica. There is even WiFi, slow but sufficient to send out blog posts and some grainy photographs!

Davis Station

There are a few different buildings with accommodation and both Hannes and I have single rooms in the same building, small but with everything you could need. There is a large recreation area, theatre, library, and of course the bar (with awesome home brew). All of the communal areas have beautiful views out across the sea ice, perfect for spying on penguins.

Looking out to the icebergs

There is also a large dinning room and kitchen and the most impressive thing so far has to be the food, the chefs do an absolutely fantastic job and the food is plentiful and delicious. There are people here doing all sorts of jobs from carpenters to electricians, helicopter pilots to IT experts and all are very friendly and helpful.

Beer vase
Long way home









At present there is still sea ice around the station but it is melting rapidly and soon the small planes will have to land at a different site about a 20 minute helicopter ride away. So far we’ve only seen a few penguins in the distance, a few small groups of Adelie Penguins were wandering around on the sea ice yesterday and this morning we spotted a single Empire penguin out on the ice. Most of the Adelie penguins are currently on Gardener Island, out across the sea ice, where their chicks are hatching.

Home for the summer
A walk by the beach

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