Introducing Willy

For obvious safety reasons, attaching anything directly to the helicopter is a long and complicated process, which we didn’t have time for before we needed to ship our new radar to Casey. We decided to conduct initial trials of the radar using the same set up as last year, meaning…. the resurrection of the big blue box. The box itself was looking a little shabby after last season and so we decided it was time to give it a coat of paint. On a less than optimal weather day we were discussing the options, being blue and having a large fin attached to the top the box did remind me a little of a shark. However, inspiration came in the form of Madi who found a picture of a minecraft orca! We were so taken with the result we needed a name, what else can you call a flying orca than Willy? Let Free Willy the remake commence!

Giving the big blue box a fresh coat of paint.
Wayde adds the finishing touches.
Introducing my new mate Willy!
The radar system is all packed inside and ready to go.
Free Willy the remake #take 1.

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