and we’re off….

The first part of our journey to the glacier involves flying in rather a small plane, into what has been referred to as one of the world’s most dangerous airports! Personally I’ve had far more worrying landings in the UK and at this time of year, the weather is usually good and the view of the Himalayas from the plane is outstanding. Flying to Lukla is always an early start, flights are regularly cancelled due to poor visibility. In the mountains as it gets warmer through the day clouds build so being on the first flight is always the best guard against a lengthily wait in Kathmandu. Lukla airport is quite literally the gateway to another world and after a few days dashing around Kathmandu, the peace and quiet once you leave the town is blissful.

Because we have so many bags they have to be sent on cargo flights in the days before we fly, usually marked with the name of a lodge and the promise someone will collect them from the airport for us. Even though the company that organise this for us are amazing, it’s always a huge relief to see them waiting there for us when we arrive. This time our bags were being taken to our fieldwork base ahead of us by porters, so again we said goodbye to all of our expensive field equipment, hoping to be reunited the following week.

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