Pole to Pole

Apologies, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here and there have been lots of adventures in the meantime. I spent the summer back in the Arctic, in Svalbard, working with Lena on an exciting new course at the University Centre in Svalbard, Arctic Glaciers and Landscapes. As part of the course we spent an amazing week in the field based on the ship Stålbas.

Although I’ve spent a lot of time in the Arctic, I never really considered that Antarctic fieldwork was a possibility. Amazingly I was wrong and this summer (of winter if you’re up north) I have the privilege of heading to Davis Station with the Australian Antarctic Division. A small team including Bernd Kulessa, Hannes Hollmann and myself are working on Sørsdal Glacier in East Antarctica. This will be the third summer of the project, run by Christian Schoof. I’ll try to keep the blog updated as often as possible, filling you in on everything from the exciting science we plan to carry out to daily life on an Antarctic research station.


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  1. Hi sarah have a great time. Are u ok if i give this link to our a level geographers to follow your field work? Travel safely
    Nickie xx

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